San Mateo PAL "Stride for Awareness" 5k Run/Walk
for Student Wellness and Resource Fair


“San Mateo teen partners with PAL to raise awareness for Student Health and Mental Wellness”

Our newest event was created by Olivia Enriquez, a sophomore at Aragon High school. Her initiative, Stride for Awareness, is partnering with the San Mateo Police Activities League to promote the importance of Student Health and Mental Wellness.

On Sunday, May 21, 2017, San Mateo PAL and Stride for Awareness will host a 5k run/walk including a resource fair being held on Saturday, May 20, 2017 with a speaker session designed to educate, connect participants and the community. As a teen, Olivia has experienced high levels of stress from school, her social life, sports and even from her family. She understands, teens are often over-whelmed with the high-expectations often placed upon them. Those pressures often making them feel alone and confused, and can lead them to make bad choices; exhibit risky behavior, turn towards substance abuse or start self-harming as a way to cope. Because of this, together we are spreading awareness about this topic, which acknowledges the need and acceptance for an open discussion. Our goal is to guide teens toward repairing their mind, body and personal community. To encourage dialogue and provide support to teens through discussion, involvement and education. This event promotes the collaboration between youth and adults in dealing with stress, to achieve the safe, loving and caring community we all envision. 




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